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Long before Contour Works inception, Evan and Ryan were young, passionate mountain bikers spending their free time riding in and appreciating the natural environment. Trail building was always a hobby until 2009 when their professional careers began in the Victorian high country, helping create the first alpine riding destination.

Our trail building, civil construction and landscaping experience have combined to allow Contour Works to be perfectly situated to deliver outstanding community assets such as mountain bike networks, walking tracks and asphalt pump tracks.

With over 30 combined years of trail building experience in unique and sensitive environments, we understand what is required to deliver a safe, sustainable and enjoyable asset for a wide range of users.

As environmental enthusiasts and passionate riders, our goal is always to create a product that is designed thoughtfully and integrated into the natural terrain so that users can enjoy our diverse Australian landscape.

Partner / Director

Evan Winton

A driving force behind Contour Works, Evan is an expert in all areas of trail building.

Evan has found his passion for developing, designing, and delivering exceptional and enduring trail assets communities can be proud of.

Partner / Director

Ryan De La Rue

An accomplished machine operator and skilled rider, Ryan has been instrumental in significant trail developments across Australia. 

He’s highly experienced operating in concentrated biodiverse environments, from ancient tropical rainforests to remote alpine regions.

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